Code Cuisine Special

Code Cuisine is a delicious 2 hour remote workshop where we learn just enough coding basics to draw the "dish of the day" with JavaScript and p5.js. Combining the two worlds of coding and food, this workshop comes with a puppet show, themed music and props and is aimed at snack-aficionados who are looking for a basic introduction to the world of (creative) coding.

After running it for over 10 times, we are now excited to offer a custom version, specifically aimed at companies, teams or for events. My assistant Codette and I are happy to host up to 50 participants per session and can guarantee laughs, giggles and some delicious coding sketches to take away from the session.

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What you'll get

Within 2 hours we will learn some basics about how a website works (the roles of HTML, CSS & JavaScript), get an introduction into variables and functions and get a tour around the p5.js editor.

After that we'll take some time to draw the "dish of the day" while shaking our butts to some themed tunes. I will show you how to draw and be available for questions and support.

What's on the menu

We love to brainstorm and come up with a custom dish for your team, or you select from one of our existing themes:

  • Döner Codebab - guilty pleasure, yes please

  • Pizza Codezone - a disk of heaven

  • Quarter Coder - never enough toppings

  • Taco Codeño - pass me the guac

  • Codeshima Ramen - beautiful broth

Art from our previous classes

📷 Some of our student's art from past editions

What is p5.js?

With p5.js you can draw shapes by writing JavaScript code. p5.js is a so called "library", created for the purpose to educate creative code newbies. Below you can see an example of one of our dishes, "Döner Codebab". Click here to see it in the p5.js editor.

📷 On the left you see our code which creates the drawing on the right.

What others say

"Omg, do you know that you could try coding without being sh*tscared and feel like a disgrace? Here is a course."

Mina, Code Cuisine XXL participant

"I would 100% recommend Code Cuisine to a friend because it brought so much life and energy to code that is hard to understand for a beginner."

Priya, Code Cuisine participant

"I would totally recommend Code Cuisine for anybody who wants to break the ice with coding. It's a lot less scary dealing with code for the first time with a workshop like this."

Marcos, Code Cuisine participant

"Passion with good content is a blessing. Thank you again for making it easy, fun and especially accessible for us."

Giovanna, Code Cuisine participant

"Valerie has a very engaging and enthusiastic way of teaching. Her passion for coding shows through and she is a true inspiration for the students."

Sandro Miletti, Program Manager Hyper Island